Among all kinds of earrings, the most classic earrings are hoop earrings . They are vintage and modern .Although they are all basic circular earrings, but because their metal thickness is not the same and it is more important that the earrings are not the same design so after wearing them on the ears, the difference will actually be very large. The metal earrings make the national wind hot and hot, and its texture looks heavy and light. Generally speaking, these earrings are relatively large overall, and it wound be exaggerated when people wearing them if people don’t know how to match their clothes. But there is no doubt that hoop earrings are one eye-catching weapon on some occasions. Of course, if you want to try and become the "focus of people's attention", the medium and small circle with some stones is very suitable for daily matching, it is not only stylish but also different . As time goes by, the hoop earrings are no longer composed of simple round design, and their forms have changed. People began to use various stones or materials to modify them, such as crystal stones, zircons, sapphires, etc . The form is also more diverse. Now ,wearing hoop earrings gradually become a fashion.People can use them to match some different clothes, shoes and so on. At the same time, people also can get a sense of fashion when wearing their hoop earrings.


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