Stainless steel bangle is different from the bracelet, and the bangle is generally a monolithic structure. If the bracelet is used, a plurality of small pieces can be combined into a chain to be worn around the hand. The role of the bangle has three aspects: one is to show identity, to highlight personality; the other is to beautify the arm; the third is to protect the body. The bangle is usually worn on the left hand, and the gemstone bracelet should be attached to the wrist. It is not jeweled and can be loosely worn on the wrist. Only pairs of bracelets can be worn at the same time.With unique processing techniques and individualized production, modern jewellery production is no longer limited to the traditional lost wax casting and decorative carving process. As long as the work requires, artists can use more industrial processing methods, such as car, milling, planing, Grinding, riveting, drilling, electroplating, sand blasting, corrosion, etc., these processing techniques will bring unexpected results to jewelry manufacturing. The designer of modern jewellery, whose design is not satisfied with the former painting, the production is handed over to the craftsman to complete the way, but strives to express the individuality, depending on the entire production process to complete the process of its creation. Most of their work is handcrafted in a personal studio, complemented by precision machining. The artist combines his unique inspiration with superb craftsmanship. A successful work is the result of perfect, excellent design and metalworking techniques.


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