Stainless steel bracelet is chain-shaped and worn on the wrist. The bracelet has become a fashionable symbol and the focus of the trend.
Stainless steel is more environmentally friendly, safer, and more affordable. The best choice for materials is 316L.
Stainless steel bracelets can be worn every day like other jewellery, so you should choose carefully when you choose them. The size is too small to wear; the size is too large, affecting the appearance, and the bracelet is more likely to be touched. How to choose the right bracelet?
The wrist is a more delicate part of the body. It will easily guide the line of sight of others with the movement of the hand, and attract attention. At the same time, it will affect the impression of others. The length of the bracelet is about 20-25 cm. Master the size. Too tight, it will affect the appearance and comfort; too loose, and will slide to the hand. Therefore, the length of the bracelet is generally worn on the wrist, leaving a gap between the chain and the wrist.


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