Our commonly used stainless steels are 304L and 316L, and 316L is also known as medical stainless steel. Type: 1, round bar material, flat bar material 2, flat bar stickers, round bar hand 3, flat bar light, round bar light. Its identification method: A. see color; B. see the surface; C. see the germplasm; D. see the texture; E. listen to the sound.
In addition to the designer's original design, our factory will also be based on the purchasing habits of European and American countries, combined with the current trend elements, different combinations and matching for different categories of jewelry, for example, stainless steel necklace + stainless steel earrings +Stainless steel pendant + stainless steel ring, also includes stainless steel bracelet + stainless steel necklace, stainless steel bracelet + stainless steel ring, etc., matching and matching, designing and processing certain patterns or patterns, giving people a refreshing feeling. The stainless steel suit on the external sales market of Saitama is one of the best-selling accessories.

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