Necklaces are basically indispensable accessories for every woman. Women can choose the favorite necklace to wear around the neck all year round. Necklaces can modify the inadequacies of the neck and add to its icing on the cake. Bracelet necklaces are very common accessories. The most common ones are necklaces, different clothes, and what necklaces should be worn when attending different occasions. Sometimes necklaces can also reflect an identity. The combination of necklaces, the current fashion elements, blended into personal tastes, combined with personal temperament, conservation, style of wear will reflect personality. Especially for stainless steel necklaces, the main process of chain processing is: drawing--chain--welding--surface treatment--assembly--cleaning; it is characterized by large processing volume, high efficiency, many styles and good quality. The main process of the electroplating processing method is: acid-base washing - degreasing and polishing - electroplating. The electroplating process protects the surface color and brightness of precious metal jewellery, giving the jewellery a more beautiful appearance.

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