Stud earring is a jewelry accessories on the ear that is smaller than hoop earrings and its shape like a spike.In modern times, there are many types of stud earrings . Generally, they are divided with gold , sliver , stainless steel or other kinds of stud earrings .In the past years,stud earrings are simple design . But nowadays , in order to make stud earrings more beautiful and different , many manufacturers will use some stones or pearls to modify them . Now ,Buying stud earrings and wearing stud earrings have been integrated into people's lives. In the streets and alleys , you will not difficult to find one who is wearing stud earrings . Obviously, wearing stud earrings has become a hobby and fashion for people. Today, people wearing stud earrings are not just for women , but for men . When people wearing a stud earring , they will become more beautiful and unique ,so people always say that it is a combination of beauty and fashion.

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